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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Past Reflections

Formerly known as Circuit Rider, is now basted and I have already started the quilting.  This quilt is a mixture of block designs from the original Circuit Rider quilt, plus another heap from other traditional quilt designs.  There are 36 blocks in all.
I went to my quilting group on Friday with the top and the backing.  Started to clip the backing to the large table, and realised I had left my batting home, so had to hop back in the car and go home.  Just as well I don't live far away.   Finally got it underway and some of the girls there lent a hand.

this is Lyn - you may know her as Treadles and Treasures - lending a hand.

My plan is to quilt around each of theshapes of the blocks, and do some kind of motif where 4 blocks join, then something else in the background.  You can tell i have give it a lot of thought:-)

How about this as a backing fabric?  I went looking for a toile and they were all too expensive, and I love using pretty fabics on the back of my quilts, but hate paying top dollar for it.  This fabric is like a quilter's muslin, with red cross stitch design on it.  it was a bargain basement price, but it feels really nice.  Sometimes you find a cheap fabric for a backing and it is ok until you start with the hand quilting, and you find it is really tough.  Ok for machine quilting, but hard on the hands.


  1. This is going to be a lovely quilt Wendy and how wonderful to curl up and hand quilt in front of a fire. Take care.

  2. Love your top! Great job!You'll have it done soon, hurray!