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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tulip Cross Block

Thanks for being so patient.  The Red and Green block is on the right hand side of the page, ready to be downloaded (if you have not already found it!)..

I had it all ready, but had forgot to put it up, until a very kind person asked me about it, and that is when I realised that we were way past the 20th!  Lets hope that it all runs smoothly now.

The month of March was quite hectic towards the end.  Some of you may know that I am the Australian distributor for Karen Kay Buckley products.  I sent a newsletter out to our wholesale customers asking that they might get orders in early if planning to take their shops to the Australasian Quilt Convention held in Melbourne, 14th April.  Dutifully they did so, and I then had to get Karen to send all the goodies to me, so that I had them mid March to fill orders.

This is just part of the 8 boxes that arrived.  I had to take over the spare bedroom, as my workroom was already crowded.  So, over Easter I packed, and organised freight and generally had stuff all over the house in one area or another.  That is my main excuse for being late with the block, I was so otherwise occupied.

Should you be going to the Convention please call into see Punch with Judy, and Sewn and Quilted who are both now stocking Karen's latest Perfect Adjustable Rulers

They come in 6"wide and 3"wide, and can be made up to 24"in length.  Perfect for travelling to retreats and conventions.

On the sewing side.....what am I doing?  Still working on the hand quilting of the Birdie quilt.

All the echo quilting in the centre is complete now, and I am working on the final border.  My goal is to have it completed by the end of April, and I feel like that is now in sight.

Other big news, next April - that is 2017  -  I will be teaching on a craft cruise!  It is run by Needlework Tours and Cruises.  You can get the link HERE.   If you click on "Brows and Book Projects" you will find me listed way down the bottom....it is alphabetical.  The cruise goes from Sydney, around the south Island of New Zealand for 10 days.  There are 5 days of classes and 5 days of leisure activities.

Very exciting for me, and I hope my classes get booked out fast.  More on that one as the time gets closer.

I forgot to add the photos!!


  1. Beautiful quilting Wendy! how exciting to be cruise teaching :)

  2. Your quilting is looking just gorgeous! Woohooo!!! @ teaching on a cruise. That sounds like it will be a lot of fun for teachers and students alike! I just had a look at the classes and they all look great. I've just printed out the new BOM block and was really happy and excited to see the name of it. I'm from Perth and living in North Carolina. This block has made my day!

  3. Pretty - It seems once February is over the years go faster - ever feel that way? Enjoy the cruise in 2017!