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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This did not take long

 So here we are with movable shelves in.  Amazing it has happened so quickly.  John is a real "handy man" and can not bare to have anyone do something he thinks he can do himself. 
There is so much space to fill.  The prospect of doing it is quite daunting. Above this top shelf, the cupboard will go right to the ceiling - another metre I think it is, and there will be more sliding doors.  This is where I will keep battings and other bulky, light weight stuff.
 The doors are on, and now is the task of filling the shelves.  Looks pretty good so far. 
Trying to keep the larger pieces of fabric on one spot, and in colour groups.  Not sure what will happen when I get to the smaller pieces and projects under way, as well as all the "shop" stuff.  I will probably resort to plastic baskets.

All this still has to be moved into new neat piles.  I can feel a garage sale coming on!


  1. Lucky you - it looks wonderful. Enjoy! Ady

  2. How exciting! Looks great, and LOVE your fabric selection. DH does wonderful work.

  3. Oh the shelves look wonderful! Love seeing some of your stash!

  4. This looks like great fun - organizing your new shelves with fabric. You can touch it all again while deciding!

  5. you will be surprised how fast this will fill up!
    what a great wall of shelves though
    He did a great job

  6. You are soooo lucky to have such a handy man!!!! He does wonderful work too!! Can't wait to see it all done...Have fun with it, hope we get to see a lot more quilts too...
    Happy Quilting,