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Monday, September 27, 2010

Snowflake quilt top

I am desperate to use up my fabrics!  I have so much, and decided that I need to make some scrappy, easy cutting quilts.  The first one is the Snowflake, or Album Cross quilt.  

 All the blocks are finished and I sashed it with this lovely blue fabric, with a red print.  After it was done I started to think it looked awfully familiar to me.  Guess what!  My mind had remembered it from this book.

One of my favourite books for inspiration.

Now for the final border - I think I like the stripe best, but the brown, with teal and red goes with it as well.  I think I will play with it a bit more.

Now I need more inspration  -   maybe a Chinese Coin??


  1. I love the quilt. That book is great for inspiration. Such nice photos in the book. I need to make a quilt like this and use of some of my fabric. I like both of the fabrics you have photographed for the final border. The top one with stripe I bought an entire bolt of that in a green, purple and gold. So I am partial to the first photo.

  2. Yes, I went with the stripe. The quilt looks very dark, but I like that look. More photos to load.