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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last week we had the hottest November on record.  On Thursday it was 43C - that is the sort of weather we usually get in January or February - not November, when it is still Spring.

The garden took a battering, but not the Hollyhocks - they seem to thrive on the heat.  I tried for years to grown them from seeds that I picked up and it was a waste of time.  Then I realised that they actually do not need nurturing.  I throw the seeds around, scrape them in a bit, don't water them, let them get accidentally rained on - and see what happens.

They are growing so large and close together we can hardly get down the path

John was so worried about his vegetable garden in the heat, espeically his precious tomatoes.  He build this very exotic shade arrangement.  I helped hold the poles in the blistering heat.  He put the cover on it, and you know what happened?  The next day the cool change and the rain came.  Anyway, it is ready to go when we need it again.

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