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Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy couple of weeks

When I gave up work I thought I would have more time for myself.  Wrong!  All the retired people told me this, but I thought they were just not organised :-)  I am so busy this week, and really until the end of August.

This week I had to do double duties, as I am heading to Sydney for the Quilt show, and have no free days before I go or when I get back.  So everything I would have done leisurely next week, is all crammed into this week.

On Friday,  Penny and I are having a "finishing off" day.  Anyone who has done a workshop with us, and wants to get the quilt finished, can come along and join us for the day.  Strike out Friday!  Good part is that I don;t have to write notes.

Saturday we have a Trunk Show at Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley.  All the girls want to do our workshops so I have just printed, cut and packaged 27 kits!..  It takes ages.
The Antique Sampler BOM is also due by the end of the week - might as well cut those as well!

When I get back on the 24th, my flight arrives home about 9pm, next morning I have a class at Patchwork by Sea at Brighton.  Well, better gets those class notes done while I think if it, eh? 

I might be able to take it easy for the rest of the day now, and catch up on a bit of of hand sewing.  I have fallen behind with my own blocks for the Antique Sampler, so perhaps I can pack that for my travel sewing.

Must be cup of tea time.....

Oh yeah, forgot, I have two online shop orders to fill.  Must not forget those....

By the way,  I am going to be at the Sydney show doing my white gloves duty on Wednesday 22nd, from 11 am to 1pm.  Anyone in the area, please come and say hello to me.  I will have my badge on.  Love to meet other quilters.


  1. This is the way retirement is for me, too! How did we find time for our day jobs?

  2. I hope the ash cloud doesn't prevent you from coming to Sydney.

  3. Fingers crossed, Liz! Hope it gets lots of opportunities to blow away.