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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mary M at Hettie's Patch

I thought by completing the 9th block of the Mary Mannakee quilt, I would be able to say I am ready to finish now, and make it into a little quilt.  Apparently not!
 When I have my monthly hand sewing group at Hettie's Patch, I always take along what I am working on at present, or what I am thinking about doing, or latest finish........something to get the girls inspired.  This time I took along the 8 1/2 blocks of the Mary Mannakee quilt, and got more than one or two inspired.  Lorraine (the owner of Hetties) got inspired too, and has now decided that we are going to offer this as an ongoing workshop for next year.  How about that! 

We will be doing it  on the 1st Saturday, and the 3rd Thursday of the month.  You can come to either or to both.  Get in touch with Lorraine on (08) 8346 0548 for further details, or to register your interest.
This is what block 9 looks like now.  Most of the leaves are in place, and I have started on the main flower, with the cut out pieces.  There are lots of reverse applique in this quilt.  It can be a bit scary for some people, but it can be made easy with a bit of practice and patience.  I always do the cut out part first, in case I make a mess of it, I can replace the fabric.  If I applique the whole flower in place, then  do the cut-outs, and make a mess, it is a lot of wasted time.

Also next year, at the same time as the Mary M blocks, we will be doing the Past Reflections blocks.  You will be able to purchase fabric packs for these blocks.  Makes it easy to get the colour right.

These are the first 2 blocks.  The 3rd block I will get ready before Christmas.  You can download the pattern on the Legend and Lace website.......so why the class? you ask.......some people collect the patterns, but never actually get around to making them.  They have every good intention, but need a little encouragement.  Committed to a class once a month is great encouragement.  Again, if you are interested. contact Lorraine at Hetties.

Both these quilts will be hanging in the shop soon for you to have a little look.  Well, one is a quilt, the other is only 9 blocks sewn together, that is pretending to be a quilt!