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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A few new things......

A couple of weeks ago I went to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Market.  I was very conservative with how I spent my time, and really only came home with a couple of new things.

These little templates are called Pinwheel Magic.  They come in 6 1/2" and 4 1/2" size.  The idea is that you make a 4 patch block, and put this template on top of the block, line up the points, and cut.  You then get one of three different shape pinwheels.  There is a Youtube video to see how it is done.  They are on the Legend and Lace website now for $10.50 each, includes postage within Australia, or you can have both sizes for $20.

This panel is HUGE and part of the new range by Mary Koval called Palampore from Wyndham Fabrics.  You can have a look at the whole range on the Wyndham website.  I bought the WHOLE range for resale.  EEK!  It will be here next April, and there is only going to be limited stock.....so if you want it, let me know now and I will reserve it for you.  The panel is 50" x 90".....so almost a quilt in itself.  The cost as yet unknown.

So, I bought "little" things and "big" things that I could not resist.

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  1. The panel here in the states is $50 and the shops in my area required preorder and payment.... We won't see it until April or so.