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Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving along...

 Calico Paradise, from Dawn, Collector with a Needle, is starting to take shape.  The centre cut out is all appliqued in place, and I have started on the leaves in the centre. 

Edit!!This is a much nicer photo.  If you looked last night, it was all blurred.  I took about 6 photos, and they were all blurred.  This morning it is fine.  Wonder what that was all about?  Anyway, you can see this lovely fabric now.  The blue makes all the difference.  This leaf is tacked in place waiting to be appliqued.
 This shows up the second fabric really well.  Stripes are really important in this project
Another fabric that is just perfect for some of the birds and leaves.  Don't you just love the red/rust/madder with the touches of blue?  It really sparkles.

The next big part is the get the centre "burst" in place around these shapes.  That might be tomorrow - will see how the day shapes up.


  1. Beautiful progress Wendy! Love your fabric choices too.

  2. I love the fabrics you have chosen - looking great!It really does sparkle :)
    Every Stitch

  3. I changed one of the photos. It looks much clearer now. Wendy

  4. Looking good Wendy! Beautiful fabrics (Have to ask,how is the little Sisters quilt going?)

  5. Trust you to nag me about the Little Sisters!! I was thinking about it just the other night. All the applique is done, and I just need to assemble it. Perhaps that will be my job next week while the DH is away.

  6. Oooh, scrumptious! Beautiful applique work!