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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sitting in the wings, waiting

Last weekend I was invited to spend some time at a friends beach house at Port Elliott, south of Adelaide.  It was great timing, as my DH, John is out of town, and I had not other commitments.  I mentioned this to my "pester power" friend, Penny.  She thought it would be a great opportunity to work on the Little Sisters quilt.  How could I say no to that!  All the applique was done, and I just had to assemble it.

The original quilt, at the Smithsonian, had the appliqued border going right around.  I decided that I would do it in strips, and add it to the quilt like a log cabin piece, wrapped around.  I saw this done on other antique quilts and thought it looked pretty good.  Also, it eliminated all the fiddling with getting things to go around the corner properly.

Well, here it is, all assembled.  I am reasonably happy with it, but now I am trying to work out how I can unpick those bits of the border to make them flow around the corner.  Perhaps I should be happy with the tag "inspired by" rather than the "copied" label.  What do others think?

 Also, working on Calico Paradise......traced out the centre ring, and burst onto freezer paper
 transferred the freezer paper drawing onto the back of the quilt top, matching all those previous lines

 Tacked on the drawn lines, through all the layers, then cut away the large centre piece.  This can be used later for other applique shapes.
Cut away the "burst" as well

And this is what I am left with now to work with.  Much easier now that it is tacked in place.


  1. Wonderful work ! both projects are beautiful but I particularly love the Little Sisters. I wouldn't worry about changing the border because it actually makes it look truly "antique". As you say - you do see that treatment in a lot of the old quilts :)
    Every Stitch

  2. Love both these projects - they have attitude!! I like the quirky cut off style border on your Sisters, but it is a matter of what you can live with.
    Love the "burst" surrounding the central applique on CP - I actually really like the double burst as it appears in the second last photo...wouldn't that be stunning?

  3. Both projects are looking great! Well done Wendy xx