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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Australian Quilt Market

Last week I took my friend Marilyn with me, and we went to the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne.  I had been before as a "buyer" but this is the first time I had been as a seller.  This is Australia's quilt wholesale market - not open to the general public.

 You know that when things can go wrong, they usually do.  I placed a large order for Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors and Circles ages before the event, planning on a large display.  Of course they did not arrive in time and I had to revert to Plan B - which was just use everything I could get my hands on to display.

 Everything I could lay my hands on, got pinned up on the walls

I borrowed small blocks made by one of my students, Julie M, that are a collection of circles to pin on the wall.  I also used my quilt "Pom Pom Tree" to display how you can use circles.

 On another wall I pinned the wheel blocks I have been working on

 And the final half wall, I put a few of the Cherry Tree blocks I had been working on.

We ran Karen's DVD continuously, and did demos (see the iron in the photos) most of the time, and talked to lots and lots of people.  I met some new friends and some old ones.  We had visits from Lynette Anderson, Christine Abela, Linda Collins, Janet O'Dell and Margaret Mew.  Forgive me if I missed anyone.

The shipment of scissors and circles has still not arrived, but I am confident they will be here by the end of the week.  On a brighter note, the new Perfect Curved Scissors have arrived.  They were in a seperate box, and did not get caught up with the other things.

If you have ordered any of these new scissors, they will be dispatched in the next day or two.


  1. You two look lovely in your Kaffe shirts! The stand looks bright and enticing!

  2. Yes they do Penny :-) glad everything went well Wendy.

    1. We had lots of people stopping us while we were walking around, and made comment about out shirts. Where did we get them? I made them! Couldn't miss us, could you?

  3. Shirts look brilliant - little circles are amazing. Actually they look better pinned up together than just in a pile. Hope they enjoyed their trip - and I hope you got lots of orders!

    1. Thanks for the lend of them Julie, I will post them back to you.

  4. Your booth was absolutely beautiful, and very enticing to customers to stop in!!