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Friday, December 14, 2012

Pieces of the Past - Christmas Star block

Do you think this looks like a Christmas Star?  It is probably as close as I get with it - red/green/gold.....has all the right colours.

This is block number 6 in the Pieces of the Past project.  If you have been collecting all the blocks, then you are two thirds completed.  This is not a difficult block to make, but it can get a bit tricky right in the centre - where all the seams meet.  I find that if you swirl all the seams around on the back in one direction and press them, then they sit flatter.

The pattern is now available on the Legend and Lace website.

Over the next couple of week I will be taking it easy with the holidays coming, family visiting and the HOT weather.  I have already completed the next Rose Garden block, but will not release it until the new year.

Last weekend I baked my Christmas Cake.  And this weekend, I plan to do the puddings.  I don;t know why I still think I have to do things on the weekends, as it is not like I am actually going out to work, and need to do these things on weekends.  I guess the habits of a lifetime are hard to kick.

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  1. Love the block and yes, it does look like a Christmas star. I'll bet it is tricky piecing and pressing that center! Looks like you did an excellent job on yours though.