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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it is Christmas time, and that means a new project

For as long as I can remember now, I have started something new at Christmas.  It is a good time to start, as people often ask how long it took to make something, or when did I start it, and Christmas is a good time.  This one happened by accident.  I was scrolling through my magazines to show my visitor some good examples of English Paper Piecing.  I found an older copy of Quiltmania magazine No 86, and on the front is a red hexagon quilt, and a medallion quilt.

In the magazine they mention that the quilt was inspired by an old quilt in the Shelburne Museum, and it is in the book "Enduring Grace".  hmmm....I have that book.......some place.  Found it, and yes there is the quilt!  The centre is the same, but the borders have been changed.  I think I will make a combination of the new and the old.

 This is a perfect "scrap box" project.  I have saved lots of precious bits that I can not throw out, and now I get to use them.

So the centre is all finished, and I am cutting out the triangles for the first ring.  I decided to use the templates from Quiltmania, but I would advise that if you plan to make this quilt, just be a little careful of the instructions.  I am hand piecing and using templates, but there are a couple of templates not on the sheet, and they are then listed in the instructions.  Also, with the ring around the centre, the templates are both named the same "G", and the instructions say to "top and tail" them.  that won't work, as one has to be wider than the other to get the curve, and one has an outer curve and one an inner curve.  So, what I am saying is just be a bit careful of the instructions.

Would you like to see what my visitor has been doing?  Never done patchwork before, but is quite artistic.  I thought English Paper Piecing was a way to go.  What colours?  She chose red and black.  How about this for a first attempts?


  1. Wow! Your new quilt is going to be outstanding. And your friend's first project?! Amazing! I hope she continues to quilt, it looks like she has a lot of talent.

    1. We had to go fabric shopping today. I have lots of reds, but not many black fabrics. She is warned - it is addictive! Guess there are worse addictions we could have.

  2. look forward to seeing what comes out of your stash and scrap bag. They are my favorite sort of quilt, always so personal.

    1. I agree, they are the best kind. I often find that quilts made from a particular range of fabrics do not have much personality. I may have to move into the bigger stash of scraps to get more variety.

  3. Both projects looks really good (so scrappy, so much Wendy ;-)
    and it seems you have created a new quilter too!

  4. This is really tempting me as well. I have so much fabric, and I love a medallion. Hmmm...