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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Past Reflections

Last week DH and I went for a little holiday to Port Lincoln, and home via Kadina, where I had a class on Saturday and Sunday.  I took along my quilt to finish off the quilting.  I got a lot done, because the weather was not so good, and I spent a bit of time in doors.  We had a really big storm that lasted 2 days, and we were right by the beach.  Bit scarey.

So, now my quilt is all finished, and at this very moment, in the washing machine.  Now that is really scarey!  I use a very mild detergent, and a couple of "colour catchers", but with so much cream and red, I worry what it is going to look like when it is done.  I have to just walk away.

Once the quilt is washed, I lay it on the floor and block it.  As you can see by the photo above it is pretty flat and square - a miracle!  However, if it is not flat and square, then blocking it will make it that way.  Way back here I posted on how I block a quilt .

This quilt is a combination of blocks from the Circuit Rider quilt, and those found in other places, that were complimentary.  It has taken several years to complete, as it started life as 2 class samples, which I then pulled apart, sewed back together with more blocks.  It actually has not got a top or bottom, but I had better decided which way it goes before I put the hanging sleeve.  Also, I made a very wide binding on it.  As there was no border, I thought that might give it a more finished look.

Wonder how that washing machine is going?....must not think about it.

How about a rainbow!  I caught this rainbow to bring home to my DGD Skylar.  She loves rainbows, and this came after our storm at Port Lincoln.  Such a treat!


  1. beautiful quilt, of course we can't wait to hear it came out of the washing machine perfect....

  2. It came out all in one piece and still the right colours. The colour catchers did their job as they were bright pink!

  3. Congratulations - your quilt turned out GORGEOUS!
    This will be an amazing treasure for generations to enjoy.

  4. This is a gorgeous quilt Wendy and I am so pleased it survived the washing machine. Take care.

  5. Gorgeous quilt. I'm glad it turned out the way you pictured it. That rainbow is a beholding sight. Its magical.
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  6. What a spectacular quilt Wendy!!!! All that time spent was well worth it, good luck with showing it!!!! I am slowly trying to catch up with my blog reading, I'm so way behind and my blog is very lonely too LOL!!! You certainly keep a good pace with all your work, just loved that Georgetown Circle block, it's gorgeous! Congratulations on your Homespun magazine article and quilt pattern, and I loved seeing your handquilted Pine Burr quilt too, such an intricate block, sensational work!!!! It was nice to catch up with what you've been up to Wendy!!!

  7. Wonderful quilt. You are quite talented, Wendy.