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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pine Burr block

This months block for the Pieces of the Past Block of the Month, is the Pine Burr.  Also, knows as Feathered World Without end.  You get a chance to show off some pretty fabric in the middle of this block.

Don't let those little triangles scare you off!  They are easily pieced by hand, then added to the "arms" of the block.

The pattern is now available on the Legend and Lace website as a PDF to download.

A few years back I made a whole quilt of this block.  I chose a dark blue for the centre, and lighter blues for the arms, and feathers, and finally red points.  When the  red points meet they take on a whole new pattern.  The finished quilt I hand quilted with an all-over Baptist Fan design.  It is one of my favourite quilts.


  1. Your quilt looks like a vintage piece - it is lovely, as is your block. Thank you!

    1. It looks vintage because I used cotton batting - Quilter's Dream, and it has been washed twice. The first time not all the marking lines came out, so I had to wash it again! Lucky I like the vintage look :-)) Wendy

  2. I can see why it's a favourite! And the quilting sets it off to perfection.