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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do I want to take this one on?

Last week I went to my applique group and 4 of the dozen or so people sitting around the table are doing Di Ford's Mystery quilt from Quiltmania.
Initially I was interested, when I heard a few people talking about it, and it was a BOM where they send fabric parcels to you.  The BOM with fabrics, are really the most successful, as we tend to feel that the fabric is here, there is no excuse, just get on with it.  AND, you have paid the money that is always an incentive.  The BOM which are pattern only tend to peter out after a while.

I have noticed this myself with the BOM's as digital patterns on my website.  The first couple of months are busy, then after that it really slows down.  People are less enthused, and get lost in other things to do.  That does not bother me as I know that the serious stitching people will get back to them, and they are still on the website for as long as needed.

So, having said that, I was a little disappointed to learn that the shop in Aus who were doing the fabric packs, had totally sold out.....well that kind of makes the decision for me, dosn't it?    Well, apparently it does not, because I can just use my own fabrics - ta dah! 

The thought of all these quilts exactly the same bothered me a bit.  How many? you might ask.  Well, there are a couple of facebook pages for this BOM and each of them has over 300 members, plus all the people who do not do facebook, or blog, or whatever.  I joined one of the groups and saw lots of photos of people using their own fabrics.  This one of Dorothy's is really different, so I went in search of fabrics in my stash.

 I have a box of fabrics entirely marked for "Broderie Perse".  These are a couple I found.
The one above on the right is my current favourite.  It is an old Smithsonian print, and needs a home.

 And then, I found this panel I bought a few years ago.  It has all the floral motifs of the one used in Di's mystery, but not enough to make it work.  There is also a lot of blue, and I have more greens and reds that I would prefer.

So here I go on the journey.  Lots of the girls have started on part 2 and I have seen some photos of the next part on the FB pages.  I get my magazines at the newsagent, so I am about a months or so late.  Many others subscribe.

At least I know my quilt will not be just like all the others.  Must not forget also that I need to have the Little Sisters quilt finished in 2 months...........not a lot of spare time, but my hands are sore and I need a rest from quilting.


  1. Hi Wendy. I have had the same thoughts as you about this pattern ... but decided NOT to start another new project. The share amount of people doing this (and in EXCACT the same fabrics) is enough for me to loose interest. When this is said I have enjoyed seeing pictures of alternative versions, like the one Will is doing: http://willsquiltsinparis.blogspot.dk/

  2. If anyone can handle this quilt, it is you! It will be beautiful, I am sure. I'm with you - signing up for a BOM is great, but I don't like having the exact same quilt as a zillion other people. Yours will be so special - can't wait to watch your progress!

  3. I like what you are doing and using your own fabric which will make it uniquely yours!

  4. I plan to do this BOM using my own fabrics as well. I have my templates made, but that's as far as I have gotten--lol. I am going to use some of my French General stash--I think I can come up with enough broderie perse flowers with what I have on hand. It will be fun to see what you come up with!