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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mini Log Cabin

We have a saying in Australia "no flies on me!"  It means that I move quickly and the flies do not have time to settle.  We have lots of strange sayings like that.

I finished that little log cabin quilt last night, and took the easy way out.  After arranging the blocks, and finding suitable border fabrics, I layered and quilted it with big stitches and Perle cotton.
 This part of the little quilt finished at 12"
I chose the first border fabric which is quite similar to the centre of the blocks.  It needed something to lift it.  The second border is cut from a stripe fabric.
I did not want to waste the fabric, so cut two different strips out of the same print.  I would have had t make a hole in it if I used the same print.

 I save my off-cuts of batting, and join them using a "serpentine" stitch on the machine, or batting seam tape
I decided to use the "envelope" or "pillowcase" method of finishing off.  You layer the quilt with the batting down first, the backing on that with the right side up, and the quilt with the back up.  Sew along the edges 1/4" inside the edge of the quilt.  Leave a gap in the seam to help turn it out the right side. 
 Trim the seam through all 3 layers
With this little quilt I left a gap about 3", but with larger quilts you need to leave several inches for turning.  Once you have turned it out the right way, you can slip stitch this closed.
The quilt is turned right side out, and you just have to tidy up the edges and points a bit.  Rolling the seams in your fingers, and tacking or pinning helps.
I put a quilting stitch just inside the edge of the quilt to keep that edge flat, and did some cross hatching over the rest of the quilt.  I might do a little more.

This is fun......I think I will start on another one pretty soon.


  1. Big stitches are my favorite way to hand quilt, as I'm not a comfortable or very precise hand quilter. Your sweet little log cabin quilt looks great, and the envelope method of adding backing certainly is appropriate for repro quilts.
    Thanks for the detailed steps of your progress.
    Lovely work, Wendy.

  2. Hope this isn't a duplicate! Just love your quilts. Small attention to detail is wonderful.my hubby wants to come down and fish and I'll come quilt. You gals down under just do some marvelous work!Please excuse if duplicate, having computer issues!

  3. I like the border fabrics not being exactly alike. I love this little quilt!!