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Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiptoe through the Tulips - part 6

The next part of the Tiptoe Through the Tulips quilt is now ready.  There are 8 of these little "tulip trees" on the border of the quilt - 2 on each side, either side of the centre baskets
When you start to add these pieces of the quilt, you need to measure between the point of the largest green leaf straight, across to the sloping edge of the basket about 2 1/2".  That is where you start the placement.  If you prefer, you can wait until the next part is ready, then just place the tulips half way between these tulips and the corner pieces.  Remember, it is a Folk Art quilt, and is not meant to be perfect!

The pattern is on the Legend and Lace website now.  The cost is $4.95

On Friday we went to the Meadows Easter Fair, and I bought a whole box of strawberries for jam.
 I got about 4 kilos of usable fruit from the box.  Lot os bits had to be cut off.  The birds got those
 Seems a real waste but they were bruised or discoloured.

One kilo of fruit plus one kilo of sugar, and some lime juice.  Let them sit over night and the sugar melts. Seeing all that sugar is a worry!  Anyway, last night I finished it all off and got 10 jars of jam. 

I got a little more quilting done on the Little Sister's quilt as well.  I really like this free-hand kind of design.  I am marking with a wash-out blue pen, and if you don't like where the line goes, you just do another one.  Once it is quilted, I then spray with water, and the lines disappear.  You still need to wash the quilt. 

One thing I read on the box the pen came in (yes you should read it) it says you should remove with water before washing it, as some chemicals in washing detergent reacts with the pen, and the lines go a yellow-ish colour.  Did not know that, but I always removed them before washing anyway.


  1. Tulipán precioso!!!
    El pasado viernes dedique parte de la mañana para hacer mi mermelada de fresa
    después de macerar toda la noche, la fruta con el azúcar
    Como ves sigo los mismos pasos (que buena)

  2. Lovely quilting Wendy! thanks for the tip about the pen - have never heard that before. Your work is always so inspiring :)