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Welcome to the Blog of Wendy Whellum and Legend and Lace

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last but not least

I am now all up to date with my blocks for April.  This last one is block 6 of the Pom Pom tree.  This is a funny little block, and I think of it as "the one with the hat"!  It is a bit wonky, and that is how the original quilt was - not quite perfect or  symmetrical.  This appeals to me, but if you are the type of person who likes to see it all perfectly matched, then you will probably want to redraw some parts of the block.

The block is now ready for you to download from the Legend and Lace website.  The cost of $4.95 if you live in Australia, and $4.50 if you live in any other country.  If you pay by Pay Pal you might get a strange message telling you that it has failed.  Something is going wrong with PayPal and it is sending this message.  Before you do it all over again, check your emails to see if you get a confirmation email first.  Usually it is ok, and I am sorry about this.  It is some little quirk that I have tried to fix but does not want to talk with me.

Be patient and I might get it fixed.  The link should come to you in an email, and you have 3 days to download.  Good luck!

Don't forget the photos :-)

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