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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Little Sister quilt

My friends have been asking me about the progress of this quilt.  It has been in production for the last 5 or 6 years, and to get things moving, I entered into a show.  The due date is early in July, and I allowed myself 4 months to get the hand quilting completed.

It is hard to tell from this photo, but all these corner motifs have been quilted.  I plan to put a little more into the background.

Apart from outlining all the shapes, I had no idea how I was going to handle the background quilting.  Until......recently I purchased a Samsung Note (a tablet) and one night I was looking at the photo of the original quilt humming and hahh-ing about it, when I realised that I could actually expand the photos, with amzaing clarity.  It actually showed up all the quilting stitches!

The original quilt was outlined (as I have done) then it was will filled in with heaps of (what looks like) free-hand floral quilting shapes.  That is pretty much the way I have decided to do it as well.

It takes the pressure off about laying it down flat some place, and marking background lines.  I can just fill in the spaces as I come to it........so, I now think I am more than halfway done, and I have more than 2 months to go.  Each night I thread up 10 needles before bed, and the next night, between dinner and bed time I quilt those 10 needles.  Sometimes I get less done, and sometimes I have a little extra time, so I think I will get it done.

Still on the subject of getting things done, these are the next two parts of the Tiptoe Through the Tulips quilt.  The next part is late already, and I am having trouble deciding what to do.

The tulip goes between the previous months basket block, and this funny tree shaped that goes into the corner.  I feel like we should do the corner next, and then you can see how the tulip fits into the space between.  Guess it will sort itself out soon.

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  1. The quilting is a lot like what I'm doing for Beyond the Cherry Tree. You are so disciplined to quilt every night! You go!!