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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Orphan blocks

I decided to join into Lori's Doll Quilt swap, and thought it was only a quilt top.  Wrong! it is a whole quilt.  Panic set in.  I had committed and I do not want to pull out, and I was going away for a week!  What to do?  Then I thought of my stash of "orphan blocks".  I selected a couple of pieces out of the box, sashed, bordered, and machine quilted.  Voila! I can not show you what I made just yet, as the recipient has not received it, but I can show you what I found.
 These are 3" "hour glass" blocks.  There are about 9 of them.  Just the right size for dolly
 These 4" 4 patch blocks would make a nice border for a scrappy quilt, or put them into a doll quilt
This is an assorted collection.  Any one of them could go into the centre of a little quilt, and a bit of sashing and borders.  Very pretty!
 These are 8" blocks, and these could also go into the centre of a little quilt.  Nice fabrics
 I have these 4 6" blocks.  I can not recall what I had these for, but I am sure I could find a new home.
6" nine patch and Puss in the corner blocks.   I found quite a few of them left over from larger projects

 The 3" nine patch blocks were made for a block swap, but they were off size.  I do not think dolly will mind if they are fudged a little:-) also these 'square in a square' I think I made these for a border and had too many.  Can't remember!
 Heaps of pinwheels......I think these were a border for something that never eventuated, or I changed my mind.  Do you ever do that?
Finally.....the icing on the cake........9 perfect little 4" log cabins.  I can not even remember making these, but they are gorgeous.  I am going to start with these.

I emailed my favourite magazine editor and asked her if she would be interested if I made a few dolly quilts from "orphan" blocks, and she thinks that might be a nice idea.  I need incentive......so having the editor interested helps me get cracking on the idea.

What do you do with your left over blocks?


  1. Bueno ¿que sera?
    Estoy impaciente por ver ese mini
    buen domingo

  2. What a treassure you found Wendy. Those log cabin blogs are wonderful and contain some oldies but goodies fabrics. Will be interesting to see what you ended up choosing for the doll quilt. I understand the need for incentive. Good idea to aske the editor.
    My left over blocks are just packed away as yours, but maybe it was time to go through the boxes soon?

    1. I have already made the first little quilt.....quilted as well. photos to come

  3. I do think the orphan blocks would make some cute doll size quilts! I wish I would have thought of it.

  4. Very cute Wendy! Look forward seeing what the other orphans end up as!

  5. Great fun to use the orphan blocks for little quilts. Looks like you are well on your way!