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Monday, June 30, 2014

Tulip Basket - last one

for the time being anyway.  I am going to have a bit of a break from the basket blocks for a while.  There were only ever going to be 12 of them, to go with the Rose Garden BOM.  I never dreamed they would be so popular!
I have made so many new friends with this little project, and I do hope you will stick by me.  I plan something else a little later in the year, but in the mean time we have to get those blocks finished and into a quilt! Right!  The Tulip Basket is ready for you now on the Legend and Lace website.

The Tulip Basket, being the last, I thought I would challenge you a little.  It is really the trickiest, with set in seams.  Break it down into 4 segments, and it does not look quite so hard.  These instructions are all in the pattern sheet.
 Mine is all done!  I changed my mind about the border fabric.  I totally loved the large print fabric, but it is so hard to work with, and just overwhelmed the whole thing.  I showed it to a few of my friends and they agreed that this blue and pink paisley was a better idea.
 It is a print from the Moda Collection for a Cause, and I have half a bolt here.  It just looked right, and did not take away from the work in the centre of the quilt.  Sorry Sheila, I did try....
You can see a close up of this fabric.  A number of people I know have not been able to use this print either.  It is really beautiful, and I REALLY want to use it, but it is being rejected so many times now.  I might end up making a shirt out of it! Or a pair of trousers.......


  1. Replies
    1. I am still waiting for some one to send me photos!!

  2. Your quilt does look fabulous. Too bad about the other fabric not being very usable. Maybe it just needs to be a quilt backing! Your basket definitely looks tricky but I have been enjoying them all even if they don't turn out perfect for me.:)

  3. The border looks terrific! Actually the whole quilt does. Thanks again!

  4. What a great quilt!!! Simply beautiful. LOVE that fabric too - even if you didn't use it.