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Sunday, June 22, 2014

baskets and roses together

Sometimes it is a blessing when you can not go out.  I still have the DH mostly house bound with the Bronchitis that stopped us going to the Clare Valley a few weeks back, but I have got a LOT of sewing done.
I decided to use the time to combine my basket blocks and rose applique into the one quilt they were always meant to be.  I had to make one more rose block so that I had a nice even 25 blocks to get a good setting pattern.  The blocks are available on the Legend and Lace website under Rose Garden and Baskets Galore.

He has one week to get better as we are booked to go the Melbourne next weekend.  I am going to the quilt show, and he is going to do whatever he likes!

For some time I have been putting aside my scraps of shirtings with this setting idea in mind.  I first saw it in Jean Kimballs book Old Voices New Impressions.
There is not actually a photo of the whole quilt, but photos of the blocks in the setting
These blocks are far more intricate than mine, but it got me thinking about the idea.
 I used my trusty EQ7 to get the setting just right.  I planned to use this blue fabric all along, as the quilt was starting to look a little too "pretty" if you get my drift!  I needed to tone down the "pink-ness" of it.  I did all the triangles and the setting squares, then just cut off the squares on the edges to make it fit.
 All ready for the borders.  It was always going to be a hard job to decide
 the large floral is a "must" as it has the right colours, and it has been in the cupboard for ages just waiting

I tried the shirting on its own to start
 Then the creamy stripe which I like
But I think I will got with the pink stripe.....having said I want to have it not so pink but I think I like it best of all. 

I am going to go out this afternoon with a friend.  She has had a sick hubby for a while as well, and we are going to escape and go window shopping, or something else that takes little money and makes us feel good.


  1. Wow - love the baskets and roses together! The blue triangles are a great choice - you do have a wonderful sense of colour ! Enjoy your outing :)

  2. Wonderful combination of your basket and rose blocks! And I do love the border fabrics. Really great quilt.:)

  3. Thanks for showing that wonderful old Jeana Kimball book, never seen it before. Your quilt looks so happy.

  4. I *love* the colours you have used in the blocks -- they just sing. And the baskets and roses are a great combination. It's going to be a really pretty quilt!

  5. The two sets of blocks look very good together. Especially in the chosen setting. I have the Jeana Kimball book and have thought about making blocks from it.

  6. Looks fantastic Wendy! When I get my sewing room organized I better see how many blocks I have, This can be a retreat project for me! Thank you for the BOM!! It's been fun following along.

  7. I am planning on working on this quilt this week. What size is your sashing? finish at 1"?

    1. I cut the sashing strips 2" wide, so 1 1/2" finished