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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Labels for quilts

Do you hate making labels for quilts?  I do.....well I did, until my friend Mary showed me how to make a really nice one.

Have you all seen that fabric for printing photos from you Inkjet Printer?  I never looked at it as I never had any intention of making a quilt with photos.  Apparently they are good for other things as well.

This is the one put out by Matildas Own - an Australian company, but I expect there are others available. They have the instructions on the back of the pack.  You type up what you want to say, and then run it through the inkjet printer.  I have the put mine in face down, but all printers are different.

I only needed to print on half of the sheet, so I can use the other half for something else.  In this case I used it for my name and address details, as required when you enter into an exhibition
So, I cut the label to the size I wanted and cut a few strips of fabric for the sides. These were from the scrap bag, and already 2" wide.  2 strips each side, and then top and bottom.  Trim as you please.
 Cut a piece of fabric about the same size as the finished label, plus 1".  I used a light fabric, as I did not want to to show through my quilt, but any fabric would do the job
Cut it in half, then sew a 1/2" seam, leaving a gap part way for turning

Press the seam open, and lay the right sides together.  Trim if needed
 Sew right around the edge, clipping the corners if needed.
Turn it out the right way through that hole you left in the back seam
 The hole is still there once you press it, and you do not need to sew it together, as it will be hidden once attached to the quilt
All done!  Now you can just slip stitch in place on the back of your quilt and it looks very neat and tidy.

You can use a fancy "font" and pictures from Clip Part if you want, but I just left mine a bit plain.

Thanks Mary for showing me how to do this.  There is no blog for Mary, so I can not give you a link

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