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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Looking over old projects

With Winter firmly in South Australia, and the outside is wet and dreary I am spending more time looking at what sewing I want to finish off.  The Little Sisters is done, and I dug through my projects and came out with the Calico Paradise that I started a while back.  The is a pattern created by Dawn, Collector with a Needle, recreating an antique quilt.  The pattern is in Dawn's Etsy shop.
The pattern is huge! and really hard to trace the whole thing in one go, so I have been doing it a little at a time.  Not all these pieces are actually appliqued in place, but tacked ready to applique.

 The sheets are full size and hard to handle but extremely good quality
The centre has been done for some time and you can see where I posted about it before here and here

 I have traced the design onto the back of the fabric, ready for "back-basting". 
Some of the pieces in place ready to go.  I plan to take this to Sydney with me next week for my quiet time sewing.  None of the people I am staying with are sewers, but we will do lots of sitting about talking.  I am staying with my sister for part of the week, and we never run out of things to talk about.  Her DH has been very sick, and she is not able to go out much, so there will be lots of sewing time.

Talking on sick husbands, mine is on the mend.  We missed our visit to Melbourne which was suppose to happen TODAY.  He was simply not well enough to travel.  Well, he was probably ok to fly, but then would just sit about the hotel room all day, while I am out enjoying myself!  We got a refund on the hotel and now waiting to see if the airline with come to the party with a credit.  Fingers crossed on that one.

I will have the last basket block ready for you next week before I go.  Keep an eye out.


  1. Wendy your quilt is really looking great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, that quilt is going to be a beauty! I love it so far. The fabrics are wonderful.

  3. The quilt looks like a very ambitious project but will be a beauty. Good colors.

  4. I loved back basting this one! I think 19th century quilters were very accomplished needle women, not having all the tools and processes we have today.

  5. So sorry your husband is still sick!

  6. Beautiful quilt--hope hubby is on the mend--we are getting ready to enter the hot months

  7. I always love seeing this quilt!