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Thursday, June 5, 2014

One more to go

We are up to block 11 of the Baskets Galore BOM.  This is a "bread basket".  Nice easy one to make.  The cutting is straight forward, but you will have to use the templates for a bit of it.  You can get your pattern HERE

I have had great feedback from people about these pattens, and I am trying to find something to go on with.  Might just take a little more thinking to find it.

With a looming deadline I have had my evenings taken up with the quilting for my Little Sisters Quilt.  I am about to declare this quilt FINISHED!  I just need to wash and get the remnants of the blue marker pen out, and put on the hanging sleeve...hate that bit, and a label.

I have a couple of photos to share.  I don't want to appear "precious" about it, but I have entered it into a judged exhibition, and so think I should keep it a little under cover until then, don't you think?

So Dawn, and Penny, who were constantly nagging me about this......it is done!  Only 5 years late.  My DH asked me last night if I was going to write the pattern?  Get a grip!  I have just finished sewing it, but I might a little later.  I need to find a good printing house as I am not happy with the way my patterns look right now, and would like them to have a more professional look to them.

Ok, now I can get on with some other things, or just "veg-out" in the evenings for a while.

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  1. So looking forward to seeing this at the Show Wendy! Very well done. And when that pattern is ready you can put me down for one please :) I just love everything about this quilt.