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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Modern technology.......

is the reason I have not posted since my trip to Toowoomba.  A couple of months ago I bought a new Samsung note/tab.  I was very excited that I could  now take photos and edit them straight away, etc.....big deal, except I could not work out how to get them from the tab to my main computer where I sit and write this today!   I am sure there is any easy way that I have not discovered but I ended up "sharing" them through Google plus, and then saving the photos and uploading......yes I will work it out soon.

So, here are some of the photos

These were taken on the last day of my visit at the Japanese gardens.  This is a really beautiful rural city in Queensland.  You can see a little of the Autumn colours in the trees.  Really, it is still so warm, you would not believe that tomorrow is the official start of Winter.  That is me on the bridge.  We did a couple of "selfies" but they were really horrid......all old and wrinkly looking.  I prefer the long distance, smudged look.
 Some of the lovely ladies working on their applique.  The quilt we did you can see on the wall behind.  It is the Bling Bling Baltimore.
 There were lots of different colour and fabric choices used
These photos were taken at Precious Time shop in Toowoomba, owned by the lovely Lisa.  You can go to their blog by clicking HERE and there are more photos taken on the day, and Lisa's very kind wrap on the day.
And, this is the "hostess with the most-ess"! the beatuful Penny, who looked after me.....had a glass of wine ready at the end of the day, and cup of tea in morning, drove me around and sat and sewed with me in the evenings.

I have been invited to come back, so I had better come up with a new project that might fit the bill. 

Thanks to all the Toowoomba people for making my stay so enjoyable.!


  1. I find the easiest way is to plug my tablet into my pc and copy the files.

  2. The gardens look beautiful. I laughed at your selfies issue! Maybe selfies are best for the young...

    I love the colours in the quilt on the wall there. That gold border is sooo nice. Looks like you had a fun t ime!

  3. Looks like fun! I agree about the selfies.

  4. Que buen día de compartir!!!
    Parece que todas las compañeras disfrutaron de tus enseñanzas
    No entiendo el significado de esta palabra "selfies"