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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flower Basket

While I am incapacitated - can not walk well without a stick, and can not drive the car - I thought I had better sit down and work on my Baskets Galore BOM.  I made the Flower Basket a few months ago, but it just takes time to write the instructions, and upload it to a PDF etc.  My granddaughter came to stay the weekend, and I am not much fun right now - not playing hidings or chasings, phew!  She is sitting behind me now playing ipad games.  She is limited to 1 hour at a time, so I have to get this done in one hour as well.

I went looking for my collection of basket blocks yesterday, and could only find 11 of the 12.  I know the 12th one is there and I am in no state to climb about and look for it.  I know it will turn up.

Anyway, after the last months block, which was a bit tricky, this is a nice easy one for you.  Each of the half square triangles are a proper size, and finish as 2" rather than some strange fractional amount.  If you are rotary cutting, the instructions say to cut 2 7/8", then cut in half on the diagonal.  If I was doing this on the machine I would cut to 3", join them, then trim back to 2 1/2".  I find doing it slightly larger allows for us who are not so precise to get it right.

So, just 2 more to go, and I have been thinking about what to do after this.......just call it quits? or try something new?  I have been toying with two ideas.......one is more baskets, but ones with applique, or a little harder to do, and the other idea is similar to the Rose Garden, but just flowers - all sorts of flower motifs - tulips, daisies, roses etc. I don't want to make it too hard for you, as I like it to appeal to all skill levels.

If you are collecting the basket blocks, they are now on the Legend and Lace website, and can be downloaded free of charge. 

Next week I will be working on Tiptoe Through the Tulips and the Pom Pom Tree, as the week after that I will be off to Queensland to visit Penny, and teach at a few shops.

If you live in South East Queensland, and would like to attend one of my applique workshops, you can get in touch with Precious Time in Toowoomba, or Ffi's Fabricology on the Gold Coast. I believe there are still a few places.

Ok,  I think my hour is up!


  1. I'm all for easy since I'm playing catch up on a few other projects. Thanks Wendy and feel better soon!!

  2. Thanks for another lovely basket :)
    Please don't "call it quits" - your work is beautiful and I for one really appreciate it !
    Hope you are much more mobile soon.