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Sunday, November 3, 2013

I wanted to make a quilt with a dark background.  This is about as dark as I could manage - it is a dark-ish shirting.  Then I wanted to just put my hand into my scrap bag and use what ever fabric I found, and use that, regardless of the colour.  I managed that ok, but I really did have to find that fabric right in the centre, as this quilt is about Feathers, Flowers and Fruit.  My hope is that I can do a feather (bird) print or shape in each block, and the same with the flowers and fruit - either a print or a shape.  I also want to make it kind of quirky and traditional all at the same time.  The inspiration once again, is my collection of books on antique quilts, and Folk Art designs.  So far I am very pleased with what has happened.  These blocks are quite large 18", and I think I will aim for 4.but it might be 6.  Will see how it goes.  I love starting something new!

This coming week is the South Australian Quilters Guild annual Exhibition.  I have entered my hand pieced and hand quilted Mrs Vigors, renamed as "Out of the Closet".  We don't enter just to win, do we? but it is nice if that happens.  I have entered something every year since I have been a member, and I almost did not make it this year.  It was right down to the wire.  I was still working on it on the Thursday before I had to hand it in on the Friday.  Also, I had a slight disaster with this quilt.  There is a colour run right in the middle.

You can not see it from a distance, but I know it is there.  A close up proves it.  I washed it again after this photo, and used the Colour Catchers again, but it is still there a bit.
Too bad, can't do any more about it, and maybe no one but me will know it is there!


  1. Your new applique block is interesting. I have (or had?) some of the wavy fabric that the lower left flower is done from. My eye was immediately drawn to that flower.

  2. Glad you finished 'Out of the closet' Good luck in the show!
    The new block is great, so different! Not sure if I could do the hand in the bag selection!

    1. The "hand in the bag" is not for everyone, but worth a try. I will probably have to scrape around a bit more for variety as I move on.

  3. Love your 'quirky' applique block, it certainly has it's own charm!! You do some lovely work, I look forward to seeing further blocks like this, together they will look fabulous!!!!
    Good luck with your entry in the exhibition. It's a beautiful quilt, love all those wonderful scrappy pieces of fabric, some I recognise and are quite old now, precious pieces......hope it goes well!!!