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Thursday, November 28, 2013

 Last weekend was the Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne.  I packed the bags and boxes and took along my Legend and Lace business, and stock of Karen Kay Buckley products.  This is a Wholesale/Trade market where business set up to sell to retailers.
 We set up on the Friday afternoon, after an eventful taxi ride from the airport.  The driver took us some place across the other side of town.....that is another story.

It was a huge event, and I am so pleased I went after all.  It had been touch and go if I went or not, as it is a huge undertaking, both financially and physically.  I was thrilled that people were actually coming to find me, instead of me having to entice customers into my booth.  There were a heap of new customers, and some old familiar faces.
 At the end of Sunday, I started taking things off the wall and selling them, instead of taking them home with me.  All I had left was this plastic bag full!  

When I got home I had to start filling the orders of those shop owners who did not take them home.  I ran out of a few things!  There are no more large Perfect Scissors, and no more of the small Perfect Scissors.  A very few of the Perfect Circles .......yes, pretty much cleaned me out!  Which is good from one point of view, but not so good that I have had to send incomplete orders. 

There is more stock on the way, and I should be all topped up within 2 weeks.  So, please be patient if you want products - it will be worth waiting for!
This is my treat for myself.  How beautiful are these fabrics?  They are the Merchants Wife range by Terry Clothier Thompson.  How about that blue??!!  just love it.  Now I have to find something nice to use it in.


  1. Congratulations on your success at market. Love your purchases! I haven't seen that line yet. I need to start searching!

  2. Pleased to hear that you did well at Quilt Market!!!! Yes! a lot of work but worth it, hope you get a little time to rest up!!!! Love the Merchants Wife range of fabric, such gorgeous colours and designs, will have to look out for it!!!!