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Monday, November 11, 2013

Time for some unfinished projects

Now that my entry to the Adelaide Quilt show is done, and entered, and the show is over, I can now get back to some neglected projects, and see what I can finish for next year.  No there are no blue ribbons, (or even red or green) to go with the Mrs Vigors, but it is on my bed already and I love it.  Will add some photos of that later.

 It does look a bit odd with the bits of leaves scattered about, but once the tree gets attached is will make more sense
 There are some lovely birds in this quilt - 2 in each corner to start with
 This is one of the side tree/bird motifs

First thing to come out of the box is the lovely Calico Paradise from Dawn at Collector with a Needle.  I got a lot of the centre done last year, but it is now time to start working on the rest of the quilt.  You can see older posts about the progress Here and here

BTW, anyone asking about the Little Sisters progress - the top is now FINISHED!  I kid you not!  I was stumped for a while, as the side bird/flower motifs were not central, so I had to work out what to do. My options were to unpick, and move them (!), put it back in the box for another year, or add a little something to balance it out.  I added an extra bird on two of the sides
This is the next quilt that will be finished.  I bought a wide back for it on the weekend, and plan to have it machine basted soon as I can.


  1. Love both of those quilts ! The quilt on the table is just amazing - can't wait to see how you will quilt it.

  2. Both quilts look wonderful...did you buy a pattern from somewhere for the Little Sisters quilt?

    1. I created my own version of the Little Sisters quilt. I searched for a pattern and could not find one, so made my own!

  3. You are doing some lovely work here with your applique projects!!! Look forward to seeing your new bed quilt!!!!

  4. The Little Sisters quilt is wonderful!