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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Strawberry Jam

The other thing I like to do, as well as my sewing and knitting, is cooking.  I love to make jam.  This week it was strawberry jam.  In Australia, it is just the beginning of the strawberry season.  You can buy them pretty cheaply at the farmers markets.  I bought 3 x500g punnets for $8.  They will get cheaper.  You do not have to buy the fancy ones, the smaller ones are good for jam.

This how you make Strawberry Jam.

To each kilo of fruit, add 1 kilo of sugar.  Weigh the fruit after you cut off the green stalks.  If they are large fruit, cut in half, otherwise leave whole.  You can leave in the pot overnight and cook the next day.   The sugar will melt in the strawberry juice.  You will also need to add the juice of 1/2 a lemon or lime.

Start cooking slowly, and stirring constantly until the sugar is all melted, and it starts to boil.  Let it boil fairly rapidly for about 20 minutes.  Stir from time to time - don't let it stick. After 15 minutes, test to see if the jam is setting.  Put a teaspoon on a saucer in the fridge, and if it crinkles when you run your finger though it then it is done.  Turn off the stove.
Throw in a dob of butter, and stir it through.  You will notice that there is a scum all over the top of the jam. Yuk!  you can eat it, no problems, it just does not look so good.  Scoop it off with a spoon.
Let the jam cool about 10 minutes, and it will thicken.  Also, if you bottle it too soon the fruit will rise to the top.  So, when you are ready, ladle it into jars, put on the lids while it is still hot, and add some labels.
Yummo!  home made strawberry jam.  Something you will notice about the jam you make yourself, compared to the shop bought jam - the colour!  My jam looks scarlet, the shop jam is kind of a dark red.  Also it is a slightly different consistency.  I use no "jam setta" or added pectin, that is what the lemon juice is for.

If you come to my house we can scones, and jam and cream!


  1. I used to make jam, but these days I have to resort to buying someone else's homemade jam!!!! Don't like commercial jams, way too sweet. One day I'll have time again for that wonderful fruit smell wafting in the kitchen!!

  2. My friend makes her jam in the microwave! Search Google for some recipes.

    1. here is one to try http://food.ninemsn.com.au/recipes/istrawberry/8364678/microwave-strawberry-jam