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Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Basket Block - Grandmother's Basket

 How organised am I??!!  I have actually had this block made for several weeks, but thought I would not put you under pressure by releasing it too soon.  I am all up to date with my commitments, so thought it time to write up the pattern for this basket.  It is now on the Legend and Lace website to be downloaded.
This is how it looks square on.  The name is Grandmother's Basket.  It is a 5 patch block, which measures 8" finished.  For those of you who do hand piecing, this is not really an issue, as you just join the templates, but for the "rotary cutting" machine girls I have had to adjust the measuremements.  They came out to odd sized which included 1/16", so I rounded these up to the next 1/8th inch, and you just have to measure the bits once you have pieced them, and cut back if necessary.  You can applique the handle in place as I have done, or you can piece it, which I did not cover in the pattern.  If you are clever enough to attempt to do that, then you won't need instructions!

If you are new to this BOM - it is FREE - but you need to register on my website as a customer.  You then "purchase" the block, but there is no charge.  Once you go through the checkout, the link will be emailed to you, and you can download the pattern.  

Happy stitching - hope you like this little basket.  I have already chosen the next one.


  1. Thank you for another sweet basket pattern.:)

  2. Love this one, especially the fabrics you chose! Thanks again.