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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treasures in the mail box

and I could not wait to get the box open.  A friend told me she was "downsizing" and had a heap of fabrics to get rid of, and did I know anyone who might be interested in buying them from her.  They were Smithsonian fabrics.  Yes, please, I would love them!  I already have a project in mind.  The box arrived with four packs inside.
 Some of these are my all-time favourite fabrics.  Never thought I would see them again.
 This large print is interesting and will go into my "borders collection"
Some of these greens I have been eeking out here and there so that I could have just a little bit in some recent works.   Now I can be a little more carefree with them.  Some I am not all that crazy about, but still love them for what they are.

Now that put a little smile on my face, and now all I need is the appropriate project.  I am making the Maltaville Quilt, and Margaret has used mostly Smithsonian fabrics in hers, so I will be using many of them there. 


  1. Lovely gift fabric - you certainly are a lucky friend. However if you can't find a project for the beautiful florals I can - please contact if you want to move them on!!

    1. they were not a gift as such, but i feel like they were, as I did pay for them - worth every penny!

  2. What a wonderful collection of beautiful prints - I know you'll have fun playing with these!!!!

  3. Lucky for you,Wendy! These are some of my very favorite fabrics and I will admit to hoarding them (and using them too of course!)

  4. Meant to tell you how much I love the quilt in your background! Have you ever shown us the rest of it?

    1. the background quilt is a little cot quilt. I will find the photo of it and post a bit later. Thanks for asking! I use the image on my business cards as well.