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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Days of Autumn

We have had some rainy overcast days this month and it really makes me feel miserable.  I don't do winter at all well.  Today I walked through the front garden inspecting weeds, and noticed how pretty it was looking.  We have to have the rain, or we don;t get the flowers - fact! 

There are some plants that keep colour in the garden all year around - mine are Salvias.  There are hundreds of varieties, and some of my clever gardening friends will tell me the names of all of them.  You have to cut them back when they finish flowering in summer, and then you get this for the rest of autumn and into winter.  People describe my garden as "cottage garden" style.  Really, it has no style - if it lives it stays, if it dies it goes.  We just keep re-planting things that survive our harsh summers.

I picked a few of the pretties and brought them inside for the kitchen window.  It looks like a spring 

the very last of the red glory vines leaves.  This is like an ornamental grape vine.  We have it all over the outside of the house, and there are just a few pretty red leaves left.  Winter will be here next week.


  1. A garden like mine. I've often described it as an experiment in Darwinism: survival of the fittest! Some of the fittest are quite lovely too.

  2. At my house it's called 'death in custody'. And we do have a lot of deaths!!

  3. Your garden is lovely Wendy!