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Monday, May 7, 2012

This last weekend I went to Kadina, in the Northern part of the York Peninsular, to do a workshop organised by Sue at Country Chix.  I met Sue last year between Christmas and New Year when I called in after having spent a few days staying in the lower part of the YP.  About the first thing I noticed was her lovely shop full of treasures, and then how friendly she was.  Lucky for me she asked me if I did classes as she was working on her class list for the new year.  We had a few back and forth emails, and settled on 2 days - one day doing applique and one day of English Paper Piecing.  I had a ball - and hopefully the others did too.  They were very friendly and welcoming.

Country Chix
Kadina is a very old mining town, and part of the "Copper Triangle" of Kadina, Moonta and Wallaroo.  This is where copper mining was carried out in the mid 1800's.  You can still see the beautiful old buildings from that time when the are was very wealthy.

 We had the workshop at the old Ascot Theatre, which is a treasure on its own.  It use to be a real theatre, and now it is used as an art gallery and community centre.

Ascot Theatre
We started at 9.30 am on the Saturday with hand applique, and I was able to show them something new, when we did "back-basting" applique.  They are all converted!  Hooray!
All set up - ready for action!
Hard at work

 Second Day  was English paper piecing.  This has been around for centuries, but we are now modernising it with new fabrics, and simplified techniques.

This is Sue, on RHS, who made it all possible with her organisation and hard work.
This is for the Kadina girls who said they would never rmember what it is all suppose to look like. 


  1. Isn't teaching fun, looks like a great place...

  2. I spy two wonderful quilts draped in the center between the tables!

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    1. One of those quilts was the first applique quilt I started. I wanted to show people that you do not have to get it just right the first time you try. Practice make it better. Wendy

  4. What a lovely old town and a great workshop Wendy! Nice to see such a good roll-up!!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to visit - - extra fun when stitching is involved!