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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you love new gadgets?  I must admit I am a bit of a "gadget girl" and love to hear about things that might make my sewing life easier.

My friend Maureen told me about these Cutting Edge Rulers, and asked if I was going to stock them.  I had never heard about them, so started the research about how they work, and where I get them from.  Lucky for me that I could source them from the manufacturer who have an office in Australia.  The way they work is that every time you use them to cut, they sharpen your rotary cutter.  Right now, just about every time I use my rotary cutter, I seem to take a nick out of the ruler.  These have a diamond powdered edge that does the sharpening.  Rotary Cutter blades are expensive to buy, and I seem to use a lot of them.  They are a little more expensive than your conventional rulers, but if they do the job as they are suppose to, then it is worth it.

They come in several sizes, but I just bought in a few to see how they go, before I lash out on heaps.  The concept of very new and was created by Pat Sloan, quilter and author.  You can see a little YouTube demo here.

 I must apologise to all those poor people who subscribe to my website mailing list.  I wanted to tell everyone about these rulers, and I had real gremlins in the works.  With the mailing list, I can only send 200 emails at a time, as the server wants to prevent me from using  this for spam, so I accidentally told it more than 200.  Ooops!  I got heaps of emails rejected, about 95 back into my inbox, and I did  not know if people were going to get them eventually or not.  What to do?  I have to wait 70 minutes before I can do it again (spam prevention) and now, I am not sure who got them and who did not........anyway it was a nightmare.  Some people got 5 emails, some 2, and some lucky people only 1.

Something worked, and I sold out of some sizes, but I had a new shipment arrive today.  All ready to go again.

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