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Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Encounter

Back in November I went to a meeting to form a new committee for the annual Quilt Encounter, as part of the Quilters Guild of South Australia.  When no one volunteered, I put my hand up to be the co-ordinator.  I thought it would be ok, as I have had lots of experience in my past working life, looking after staff while in the work force.  There were a few ups and down during the 6 months, and I was getting really stressed about my ability to keep it all together.

I am putting this all down, so that anyone from SA who reads it will know my real reasons, and not some gossip, which does happen.

My health seemed to be affected, as I was loosing sleep over it, having anxiety attacks, and heart palpitations.  I got out of bed on Monday morning, and talked with my husband and my daughter about it.  My DH said that I was as stressed as I was when I was at work, and this is why I left.  My daughter said "it's only quilting, Mum".  And that really did put it all in perspective.

I contacted the President of the Guild, and tendered my resignation. I feel really bad about leaving the group, but we still have a few months before actually taking the reins, and I know that they will pull together on it.

Good luck!


  1. Wendy, your health is wn't comes first. Stress can do a lot of bad things.

  2. The great thing about being mature Wendy is that we learn "when it is all too much" and how to say "no"! Enjoy your stitching and small business! Take care.

  3. Hi Wendy, I'm sure people will understand! Controlling a lot of different personalities in a group is not easy. I couldn't do it..... Your skills lie in creating and teaching so keep focusing on these! xx