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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just a little more

and now I really do have something to show

only 112 more triangle segments to go and it will be a quilt top!  I am not going to sew any of them together until they are all made, that way I can get a really nice mix of fabrics.  in the future I can see lots of lovely hand quilting in the yellow star centre.

That is the last for today.  I am going to watch an old movie on the TV now - John Wayne or some other favourite.


  1. Looking good Wendy, how big is a finished star? Is that a yellow or a cheddar background?

  2. The finished star is about 10", but the feature really is the spider web created by the blocks joining.

  3. I love the spider web design, such a great way of using up scraps! It looks great!!