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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tulip Block

It only took me a few hours to get this up and running.  When I first started to turn my patterns into PDF for the digital download, it was a major trial and error.  I got a programme called CutePDF that turns Word docs into PDF, sorts them,. edits them etc.  What I did not know until about 6 months ago, is that it would scan as well and add the drawings to the pattern.  Makes it all pretty easy for me now.

The Tulip block is there now on the Legend and Lace website.  Some people hopped in early and have it already.  There is no charge for the pattern, but just like the Baskets Galore BOM, you have to put it into your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.  Many of you will know how this works, but for the new people I will explain.

After "buying" the pattern, you get an email, with the link.  You get 3 goes at downloading the pattern, and you have 3 days in which to do it.  If something goes wrong, and you can not do it in that time, please let me know and I will reset the time for you.  I can help with these things, but I can not help with your printer problems!  If you can not print off the pattern straight away, try saving it to a file, and you can print it later.

Happy stitching with this new project.

**I forgot to say..........If you would like me to supply a fabric pack for this project I can do that for $15 a month.  It is not of the website, as I just thought of it.  The background fabric is Moda Bella Fig Tree Cream, and the design fabrics are all 1800's reproduction  fabrics.  The fabrics will be the same colours, but not necessarily the same prints, as I made this quilt a few years back.**

While I have your attention, I will show you my progress with Dawn's Calico Paradise.  I am going to call it Return to Paradise.
This is the whole centre completed, and now I have 2 of the 4 borders done

Most of the fabrics in the border are solids, that I found in my "Amish" stash.  The blue is a tone on tone print from the old Smithsonian range.  It really sparkles.


  1. Love your Return to Paradise. It is going to be beautiful when done.

  2. Your Return to Paradise is so yummy. That pink border will really pop!