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Monday, October 27, 2014

Past Reflections

 I have been thinking about what I could do over the next year or so, and have decided to have a new free Block of the Month, and this time it is applique.
The blocks are from my quilt Past Reflections which is made up of a collection of traditional blocks from a number of sources.  I will only do 12 of them, and you can then find other blocks that might fit into this quilt.  I will show you books, and other sources, that might help with the idea.

The blocks will print out to 10" and you will need two sheets of paper in you printer, plus one page of tips on how to tackle the block.....what to do first, second, etc.

The first block is the Tulips shown above .  It is not there yet!  so don't go looking for it, but it will be once I turn it into a PDF, and upload etc

A few more close ups for you.  They are pretty tradtional blocks, as I said above, and you will be sure to find others to fit the bill.

Watch is this space......I will get back to you in a short while.


  1. I can't wait. I am itching to start another appliqued project, but trying to focus on a hand quilting project. But we always need a block that is portable, right?

  2. Cool - looks great. Thanks Wendy.