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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back to Paradise

 Legend and Lace Blog was temporarily "hijacked".  It is all fixed now.  Sorry if you got re-directed to another site

One of the nice things about writing on a blog from time to time about what I am doing, is that you have a record of start and finish dates and some progress.  Some people keep a diary and detailed notes of things like this.  I am sorry, but I am simply not that organised.  This is Calico Paradise, pattern by Dawn - Collector with a Needle, and according to my blog posts, I started it September 2012.....so only 2 years.  That's not bad, really.....

You may think I am going through my "yellow" phase, a bit like Van Gough, and is "blue period", but I have always loved yellow.  It is the colour of renewal and spring time.  It makes me happy!  Whenever I see a bit of yellow fabric as a fat quarter I buy it!

The centre applique is now complete.  This has been done in phases, but as a whole piece of work.  I had to join the background fabric, but with all the applique, you just can not see the join.  Then I marked the centre, and appliqued that, then the side pieces, and each corner in turn.  It is time for the final borders, and it is actually this border, (and not the remarkable applique centre) that attracted me to the quilt.
Don;t you just love this pink!  It is a rose pink solid from Moda Bella.  The leaves are in green, brown, and cheddar from my collection of solid scraps, then there is a bright blue vine and bit of floral-ly work in the centres of the border, and the corners.

Not long to go now and it will be all finished.  It is nice to get back to something that I just love.  I have to find a new name for it.


  1. Very pretty! Most all,of my antique quilts have pieced grounds. Even some of the elegant little,appliqué blocks have pieced backgrounds.
    I love seeing your fabric choices, all fantastic.

  2. Replies
    1. I am loving it too Penny, thanks to Dawns wonderful pattern making skills!

  3. So very lovely. It makes me smile too! A very happy quilt.