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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Trick.....

.....is getting it done.  Yesterday I had a clean up of my sewing room.  Yay!    Now I can make a new mess.  I needed that table clear so that I could baste my 4 Card Trick Quilt.  I pinned basted it, and did not know if I would hand quilt with Perle cotton and "big stitches" ( I am getting hooked on this!) or machine quilt it.

Machine quilting won!  I need this quilt finished by the end of November.   I know it would look beautiful if I hand quilted it, but reality is I don't have the time.  If I hand quilted this one, even with the big stitches, I would not be able to work on anything else for a whole month.

I am doing pretty basic quilting, in the ditch, around each of the "cards" and probably something in the border.  If I do an hour each day, then I will certainly have it all done in time.

It did look nice for a very short time.  Darn!  next thing I have to tackle the floor.  It is covered in dropped pins, and all the tiny little triangle "ears" cut off the blocks.

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  1. It will be lovely machine quilted and...more importantly ...it will be done! beautiful warm colours in this quilt. Good luck with the deadline.