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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pom Pom Tree block 12.......

The very last of the Pom Pom tree blocks is now on the Legend and Lace website.  This is a funny looking flower/tree....well, I guess they are all funny looking!  It is a little more complex than the previous few, with some of the circles and leaves much smaller.

For anyone who has not seen the quilt before, I made up the pattern from an image of the original quilt.  I had a post about it back HERE.  The pattern is drawn using EQ, which makes it much nicer than using my pen and paper.  They are a digital pattern, and can be downloaded from the website.

Next month I will have the instructions for the zig zag sashing and borders.  Gosh, I hope I remember how I made it :-)   I know there was a fair bit of unpicking involved, but I know where I went wrong with it.

Next thing........I am looking for something new for you, and I was thinking of another free BOM.......something like a sampler, where there is a little bit of applique and a little bit of piecing.......maybe one of each a month, or alternate months.  For example one month is a pieced block, and one month an appliqued block.  I will keep them at 8" again, as they are easily printed onto one single page.  I will try and get "inspired" by leafing through some books.

Any ideas out there??

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