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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tip Toe Through the Tulips and more

I am all up to date with my patterns, and Tip Toe Through the Tulips BOM, is now complete!  Yay!  I wrote this pattern ages ago, but had not turned it into a PDF which then can be used as a digital pattern.  It all takes time, and I just did not have enough of it to go around.

At least I got it done before the end of July......it is now there to download if you want to have a look.  This is the final part, and it covers the corner star, and then assembly and quilting of the quilt.  The cost is $4.95 and you can find this final part here.

photo of block 1, but pattern of block 9

photo of block 9, but pattern of block 1
Another job done today is the Pom Pom Tree block 9....this is all done, but I am not quite so proud of my efforts with this one. 

Once again I made the quilt ages ago, but did not write and photograph the blocks until I was ready to upload them.  However, earlier this month I completed blocks 9 to 12.

Today, yes just today, I realised that I had switched photos of block one, and block 9.  As you can see above, they are very similar.  That is my excuse, and that I am only a quilter not a desk top publisher or editor.   I know there are a couple of ladies who will notice it straight away, and I thank you girls for your diligence in keeping me on my toes!!  My apologies.  But it is only the photos that are the wrong way around.

Please let me know with any of these digital patterns if something does not work properly for you or if you can spot an error.  I am still having problems with Pay Pal in that you might get an error message, but please ignore it, as the payment does go through ok.

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  1. Congratulations on getting these caught up. I imagine it is quite a job!