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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Little Sisters - few close up shots

After a really hectic couple of weeks I finally feel like I can relax, and then I got a cold!  Enforced rest for me.  It is only a cold, but it makes you stay inside and take it easy, with a bit of hand sewing and reading.  Currently I am reading "The Book Thief" which was made into a movie, which I have not seen.  I will finish the book, then see the movie if it is still on anywhere.

Some one asked me for close up shots of the Little Sister's quilt.....I guess to inspect my curves, and quilting stitches :-))  I have done my best for you, but the camera is old-ish, and not taking as good photos as I would like.  But lets give it a shot anyway!

The photo above shows one of the side motifs, one of the stars and some of the quilting.
 The background quilting I drew free hand with blue wash out pen, then quilted and sprayed it with water before washing.  It is mostly trails of vines, leaves and flowers.
 These little suns are 4" across, and the centres are 2".  Each one I hand pieced using template plastic, and drawn on the back with a pencil, then hand pieced together.  The centre I made as a circle over a Perfect Circle 2", then appliqued over the centre of the legs of the stars.  The completed stars, were then drawn up over one of the Larger Perfect Circles and pressed, then appliqued in place between the feather/fans.
 Here is a bit more of the quilting in the background.  On this quilt I used a YLI quilting thread coloured Ecru....actually I use Ecru on everything.  It shows up the stitches well.  I am about to move to Auriful for hand quilting, so will see if I like that as much, better, not as much?......I bought the 20wt in a similar colour.
 This picture is not so good, but it shows some of the legs of the feathers, and the vines between
 One of the corner motifs.  I made these seperately to the rest of the quilt.  Cut out the templates and pieced by hand, then turned under the edge of the block and appliqued in place in the corners.  Then I cut away the back of the block.
More close ups of the stars and the quilting lines
 The border is lots of smaller fans/feathers/leaves...what ever you want to call them, on a 1" wide vine.  I did some quilting in the feathers, and just lots of different motifs around.  I used hearts, paisleys, leaves, flowers etc
Where the main part of the quilt joins the border, I put in this skinny 1/2" border, and quilted right up against it so that it would stay flat, and put a few other motifs about the place.

There was no plan at all with the quilting, except for the wavy vine that went all around the large feathers.  The idea was just to fill in the space.  And, now that I have it home I can see more spaces to be filled.
 This is the fabric pack that was a part of my prize.  Very pretty but not really the fabrics I would choose.  I plan to make a quilt for my granddaughter, Skylar.  I saw this Paper Doll Quilt in a Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Grandeur book, and I think it would be perfect.
These are the very fancy rosettes I got to bring home.  I gave them to Skylar to wear last weekend when she came to visit me.  She thought she was just the ants pants!

Edit.....there is a full size photo on the website of the Quilters Guild of NSW Here

and on my post July 12th here


  1. very nice looking red and green quilt would love to see a photo of the whole quilt

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. There is a full size photo here http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-q_CTPlx-rz0/U7nvGjiuSEI/AAAAAAAAEnY/9bmP8RPcsEE/s1600/Best-Hand-Made-Quilt-270.jpg

  2. I must congratulate you again Wendy. This is just such a wonderful quilt. I enjoyed seeing close-ups of the handquilting.

  3. Thank you for the photos! I am glad to learn how you managed it all. :D

    I am very impressed with those little suns, all by hand! And it is so nice to see the quilting designs. Congratulations again! Well deserved.

  4. Love the quilt Can you show in whole?