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Monday, July 28, 2014

Baskets and more

Ok, back to business.  I have had my trip to Sydney and my lovely win there, and the Stitching and Handcraft show is over, the 12 basket blocks are done.  No more excuses.  This week I started a new project.  This one is to be a "hand made" workshop that I have had in my mind for a while.  The first part is a hand pieced basket/vase.  The block will finish at around 20"
 I started to piece the block last night, and thought I would show you what the back looks like.  Where the pieces join,  you can flatten out the seams.  Makes them sit nicer.
 The sides are next
And then the top. It is starting to take shape now.  It does look a bit vacant, but there is more to come
 Broderie Perse seems to be the "flavour of the year" and I have heaps of ideas for the top of the vase.  If I use just these flowers, then I will need to do some appliqued stems to start with.  Some of the flowers will sit over the top of the vase.
 If I use these flowers I can almost use them as they are, as there are a few stems and leaves amongst the pieces.

Now, this one is an interesting idea.  I really love this fabric, and it will look entirely different once the background is cut away.  Do you love the birds?, but not for this one.  I want this to look like a vase of flowers.  The birds will have to wait!

This is going to look more like a vase of flowers.  This fabric I bought a few years ago, and never used (of course!) It is from the Winterthur Museum, Sarah Pearce collection.  This one, and photo 1 at the top are my favourites.  I will just have to play around and see what I come up with.  Finish sewing the vase, add the top triangle and then play with the fabrics again.

As it is for a workshop, I really need to find fabrics that are more easy to come by.  It is a "design" kind of class, so I do not expect each piece to look the same from everyone participating.  However, people do want to make just what you have made.


  1. I love the 'bird fabric" of Jo Morton that you showed. In fact I have a bolt plus of it, for when that special project comes along.

  2. Watching this one with interest... so far looking good!

  3. Are you starting to see more broderie perse out in the quiltiverse? Seems like a good thing to me! I know that whenever I develop an interest in something, I start seeing it everywhere. I certainly like the way this one is shaping up!