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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A few more stitches

I did get a bit disappointed when my quilting stitches on my Mrs Vigors quilt did not show up.  I put it aside for a bit while I planned what to do next.  Thanks to my friends I got a few ideas on how to handle it.  I am not going to do fancy quilting designs over the printed fabrics, but keep these parts simple, and do the feathers etc to the areas you will be able to see.
After doing the star and heart shape over the centre, I did some echo quilting lines in the background.  You can at least see these lines!

In the circles around the centre, I stitched "in the ditch, then a 1/4" outline in the triangles.

For the next border, again I was stuck with what to do and decided to do in the ditch stitches again, then 1/4" zig zag stitches in the background.
I will come back and stitch in these squares.  My current thought is to stitch some circles in the middle.  That might show up.  Will see how it goes.
I quilted a little feathery kind of design in these corner pieces, and once again, you can hardly see it.  Proves my point.

These are my favourite marking tools.  I recon I have used every tool invented, and come back to these two.  The white Clover Pen comes out in the wash or it irons out. The first time you use this pen you will probably think there is something wrong with it.  It draws on clear, but as you wait a minute or two, the white line appears.  I love it for all kinds of marking on darker fabrics.  The blue wash out pen never lets me down.  We have all heard the horror stories about the lines coming back etc, but that has never happened to me, and I have been using it for over 15 years - or a variation of the pen.  The newer ones have a fine tip which I love.

I have used chalk pencils, that did not come out, and ceramic pencils that also left marks in my fabric, so I stick with what I know works for me.  When marking, I have them both in my hand, and flip from one to the other as I move along the fabrics.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the marking pens. I also thought I had every marking tool known to man, but I haven't seen the Clover pen in white. Will have to look for one of those!