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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Daffodil Day

The daffodils are in flower, so it must be nearly Spring!  Hooray!  this has been such a cold, wet and miserable couple of months.  The ground is so soggy outside and we are all looking for indoor activities.  You can see the tree outside my window is still bare.  I get very happy when I see those tiny little green shoots appear.

Next weekend is Father's Day and DH birthday on the same day 1st September.  For years now we have celebrated the arrival of spring on John's birthday.  We are also having the family over for the day.  I have enticed my DBIL Richard to come with the offer of a lemon meringue pie.  I remember my high school cooking teacher telling us all that all men like apple pies, but I have always found the lemon does the trick pretty well.

Thanks to all the new and old friends who registered for the new BOM I posted last week.  I will try to have them done between the 15th and 20th of each month.  I will post it here, and on my website.

Also, my dear daughter Natalie, made a facebook page for Legend and Lace.  There is a link on the front page of this blog, so you can "like" me on Facebook and you will be kept up to date on things as well.  I am not actually really very clever with this FB thing, but hope to get better with it's use.

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