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Friday, August 16, 2013

Free Basket Block of the Month

Last month I finished the Rose Garden Block of the Month, and have been thinking for a while about doing a collection of pieced blocks to go with these blocks.  Finally, I made up my mind about it, and settled on a collection of pieced baskets.  Some of them might have a little applique in them, like a handle for example, but mostly they will be pieced.

This is the first block - called Tea Basket.  I have hand pieced this block, and even pieced the curved basket into place.  You could cut the background fabric as a whole piece and applique the basket over the top.  The choice is yours.

Perhaps you like the basket this way around?  The whole quilt could be set onpoint, and the basket blocks will be a mixture of blocks on both angles.

The pattern is now ready to Download.  It is  written with both template piecing, and machine piecing in mind.  So you will have instructions for both methods.

I will be releasing it on the Legend and Lace website, so you will need to go there to download the pattern.  The boring part is that you will have to register as a customer, as it will be emailed to you.  The good part is that it will be free of charge.

So for now, if you are interested in these lovely little 8" blocks, you can register on my mailing list, and you will be advised once the pattern is available.


  1. Thank you for the free basket patterns! I have just registered. I can never resist baskets, especially these lovely ones.:)